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Student NameProject TitleSupervisor
Harmie GoundenInvestigation of Pc5 ULF Oscillations during quiet geomagnetic conditions.Dr Zolile Mtumela
Aviwe MchithakaliRelationship between Extreme heat and Lightning.Dr Olakumle Ogunjobi
Lutho SolaSearching for brown Dwarfs using observatory toolDr Khadija
Ayasanda NciphaLow Earth Orbit Space Debris-Source, Tracking, Removal and Long-term implifications.Dr Paulene Govender
Prof Venkataraman Sivakumar
Angelique CookeSearching for Parity Vioalation in the Planck DataProf Kavilan Moodley
Prof Martin Bucher
Siyabonga ZunguStudy of Latitude Dependence of Geomagnetic activityDr Zolile Mtumela
Sphelele NcibilikaInvestigation into the correlation between SuperDARN CPCP (Cross Pollar Cap Potential) and the PC index.Dr Judy Stephenson


Student NameProject TitleSupervisor
Johannes MphakaInvestigating the Coma Cluster of Galaxies using Virtual Observatory ToolsKhadija EL Bouchefry
Tankiso H. MosoDevelopment of Autonomous Low-Frequency Interferometer StationsDr Cynthia Chiang
Dlamini MbaliStudy the Relationship between Substorm and Geomagnetic Storm Events 

Dr Zolile Mtumela 

Dr Rendani Nndanganeni
Nondumiso KhumaloCross Correlation between the Sunyaev-Zeldovich Effect with the Peculiar Velocity FieldProf Yin-Zhe Ma 
Annarien Bester The Study of Geomagnetic Field Secular Variation in South Africa between 2005 and 2016 using Ground-based Data recorded at Hermanus and Hartebeesthoek Magnetic Observatories

Mr Emmanuel Nahayo

Dr Zolile Mtumela 
Moinudeen MohamedUsing Chandra to study a merging galaxy clusterDr Matt Hilton 
Mziyanda MngqibisaExploring Cosmic Constraints with HIRAX and the CMB
Prof Jonathan Sievers 
Dr Devin Crichton
Salma KhanUsing the Heppner Maynard Boundary as a Proxy for the R1 Auroral OvalDr Judy Stephenson
Kathleen SellickThe Study of the Radio Pulsar MagnetosphereDr Matt Hilton
Terricia GovenderThe Gravitational Collapse of Spherically Symmetric StarsDr Rituparno Goswami
Austine Acro GumbaDevelopment of Radio Astronomy Receiver Design and CommissioningDr Cynthia Chiang
Nivek Ghazi Exploring Cosmic Dawn from the Sub-Antarctic with PRIZMDr Cynthia Chiang
Njabulo MbanjwaInvestigation into Sources of Pc5 Pulsations during Quiet Geomagnetic Conditions

Dr Zolile Mtumela

Dr Judy Stephenson

Bernard MmameInvestigation of ULF Pulsations during TRINNI Events

Prof Dave Walker  and

Dr Zolie Mtumela

Dr Judy Stephenson

Phumlani Nkuthalo PhakathiStudying Galaxy clusters with the CMB  Radiation using the Sunyaev-Zel’dovich (SZ) effectDr Yin-Zhe Ma
Student NameProject TittleSupervisor
Abu-Bakr EssopModelling and Forecasting of Geomagnetically Induced Currents and their Effects on the Terrestrial Environment and InfrastructureDr Stefan Lotz
Salma KhanMesospheric Temperature InversionsProf Sivakumar Venkataraman
Sanele Lionel KhanyileInterpolation of Surface Impendance for GIC CalculationPierre Cilliers and Dr Zolile Mtumela
Kathleen SellickHunting for Exoplanets with KeplerDr Matt Hilton
Terricia GovenderGeneral RelativityDr Rituparno Goswami
Chaka MofokengMachine Learning in Multi-Wavelength Galaxy/AGN Evolution 
Aadila MoolaField of Astrophysics and CosmologyProf Jonathan Sievers
Manika Mala MoodliarA Radio Survey of ACT Galaxy Clusters Prof Kavilan Moodley and Dr Kenda Knowles
Austine Acro GumbaIntegration and Characterisation of HIRAX ReceiversDr Cynthia Chiang
Nivek Ghazi Cosmology with Redshifter 21cm observationsDr Cynthia Chiang
Njabulo MbanjwaInvestigation of the Presence of Pc5oscillations during TRINNI EventsDr Zolile Mtumela and Dr Judy Stephenson
Bernard MmameInvestigation of ULF Pulsations during TRINNI EventsDr Judy Stephenson, Prof Dave Walker  and Dr Zolile Mtumela
Adila Wamisho TireThe Study of the Effects of Geomagnetic Extreme Events in the Middle Atmosphere using SuperDARN Radar and Space-Borne SatelliteProf Sivakumar Venkataraman,

Dr Olakunle Ogunjobi

Student NameProject TittleSupervisor
Bernard Mmame (Honours)SuperDARN Convection Map Interpretation using The Online Tsyganenko ModelDr Judy Stephenson
Simon Pendapala Mulokoshi
Studying the Shape of Dark Matter Halo with Kinetic Sunyaev-Zeldovich Effect Dr Yinzhe Ma
Adila Wamisho Tire (Masters)The Study of the Effects of Geomagnetic Extreme Events in the middle Atmosphere using SuperDARN Radar and Space-Borne Satellite

Prof Sivakumar Venkataraman,

Dr Olakunle Ogunjobi

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